July 6, Gdansk and July 10, Athens – Joint CoR-JASPERS workshops on the implementation of the EU Urban Agenda

In early July, we helped the European Investment Bank in designing, moderating and documenting Joint CoR-JASPERS workshops on the implementation of the EU Urban Agenda in Gdansk and Athens, organised by the EIB’s Jaspers programme and the Committee of the Regions and bringing together representatives of municipalities, regional authorities and national organisations.

Supporting EU Institutions

In the past months, we have been working along with various EU institutions to support cities in creating more integrated, sustainable and inclusive policies and in using better existing financial resources. We were present at the European Commission / DG Regio’s Urban Development Networkmeeting in Ghent and moderated a Dialogue event of the European Investment Bank’s Jaspers programme Read More …

Counseling Cities

We have been helping municipalities in experimenting with new programmes and modalities of cooperation with civic stakeholders. In Split and Dubrovnik, in the frame of the Approaches to Participatory Governance of Cultural Institutions project, we met municipal officers and cultural producers who work on new models of innovative cultural institutions based on the principles of participatory governance. Read More …


In the past months, we have been touring European cities to present and discuss our work. In Paris, we gave a keynote lecture about the contemporary urban visions of Budapest, while at the Leggere la Cittàfestival in Pistoia (Tuscany) we spoke about civic initiatives and economic stability. In Rome, we hosted a delegation of ministry officers and planners from Read More …

Working with local communities

Eutropian is rooted in the communities where its members live. In Rome, we joined forces with the neighbourhood committee of Casal Bertone, to accelerate the completion of the neighbourhood’s unfinished market hall. We participated at several occasions at the night programmes of Radio Impegno, broadcasting from the social housing complex of Corviale. Together with the circular economy Read More …

Cooperative City Magazine

We are launching a new online magazine that collects stories, interviews, testimonies and analyses from our partners, highlighting innovative practices from municipalities, citizen initiatives, cooperations across Europe. You can explore our articles and audiovisual features at cooperativecity.org and at our YouTube video channel.

PhD Defense

Our colleague Levente Polyák successfully defended his PhD dissertation at the Central European University, in a university under attack by the Hungarian government.

FEBRUARY 21-24, Norway > Investigating Artistic Interventions in (Post-)Industrial Environments

On February 21-24, we will participate at the seminar “Investigating Artistic Interventions in (Post-)industrial Environments” in Moss/Fredrikstad (Norway), in the frame of the PICTURE project organised by Placcc and Scenekunst Østfold. PICTURE explores the opportunities of collaboration between cross-sector partners and artists in the (post)industrial scene. Also we will focus on how art interventions can Read More …

FEBRUARY 13-15, Split/Dubrovnik > The Participatory Governance of Cultural Institutions

“Approaches to Participatory Governance of Cultural Institutions” is a two year project (from March 2016 to March 2018) implemented by the Kultura Nova Foundation with the support of UNESCO International Fund for Cultural Diversity. The project focuses on the existing and emerging models of innovative cultural institutions which are arising from sharing creative spaces based Read More …

FEBRUARY 9, Lisbon > Interactive Cities Politicians’ Dialogue

Sala do Arquivo, Paços do Concelho (Praça do Município, Lisboa) 09.02.2017 at 13.30 The URBACT Network Interactive Cities addresses the opportunities of social media and digital platforms in urban governance and participation. As part of the network‘s Lisbon meeting bringing together 10 municipalities from across Europe, we will organise a public event with the participation Read More …

Funding the Cooperative City – Madrid Video

A few months ago, together with Vivero de Initiativas Ciudadanas, we organised a 3-day workshop in Madrid, with the participation of Wikitoki, Bilbao (ES), De Besturing, The Hague (NL), La fabrika detodalavida, Los Santos de Mainona (ES), Gängeviertel, Hamburg (DE) as well as Madrid initiatives Instituto Do It Yourself, Goteo, La traviesa coop57, Ecooo, Koiki, Read More …

Civic City book online!

In the past weeks, the Hungarian government resumed its pressure on NGOs. To highlight the importance of civic initiatives in delivering social, cultural and environmental services in Budapest, the KÉK – Contemporary Architecture Centre‘s Lakatlan Budapest program recently published the book Civil Város (Civic City, in Hungarian with English summary), now fully available online!

Arriving to the Cooperative City: The Vienna Refugee Coalition

In November, as part of the Metropolitan Field Trip Vienna, we organised together with Wonderland Platform for European Architecture, Pakhuis de Zwijger, XsentrikArts and Das Packhaus the event Arriving to the Cooperative City: the Vienna Refugee Coalition, including site visits and a public event with bockwerk, Freunde schützen, Purple Eat Marktstand-Restaurant, Magdas HOTEL, Fluchtraum Österreich, Read More …

Building Civic Spaces

Invited by the Kultura Nova Foundation, we began a consultation series about the governance of new cultural spaces with the municipalities and civic groups of seven Croatian cities, based on the findings of the TUTUR, Vacant City and Funding the Cooperative City projects.


On 27th October at the Timisoara Architecture Biennale  The exhibition Adaptable City, first presented in KÉK Budapest, gives an introduction to the logics of temporary use and adaptive reuse, discussing its fundamental questions as well as the organisational, economic, legal and architectural conditions of the reutilization of vacant buildings and sites.

Rounding Off Screening

On 4th October at the Czech Architecture Days A 22′ video by Zsolt Keserue, Levente Polyak and Ágnes Dénes about the transformation of the interiors of prefabricated housing estates. Through interviews and research, the video documents attempts and practices to domesticate and alter radically planned spaces.

Architect’s Backstage

Models of collaboration between architecture and other disciplines. On 29th October at the Timisoara Architecture Biennale  The workshop aims at supporting workshop participants in developing new business models for their architecture practice, exploring possibilities arising from new forms of collaboration with other disciplines.

Funding the Cooperative City – Rome video

The Funding the Cooperative City workshop series arrived in Rome, exploring new economic models of community spaces and bringing together many local initiatives together with ones from Berlin, Halle, Amsterdam and Rotterdam. Want to know more? ù