As Eutropian, we are active in and collaborate on numerous research and activation projects through partnerships. These projects deal with a wide range of issues and subjects. From promoting deliberative democracy to enabling heritage reuse, researching the generative commons to filling urban voids…

We’ve had the pleasure of collaborating with our partners in the creation of toolkits: online resources that reveal the results of our research and provide useful and well organized information, know-how and suggestions to stakeholders and interested parties. These toolkits are generally developed throughout the duration of the project.

We wanted to provide a compilation of these tools, and make them accessible to you as well. So without further ado, here they are – The Eutropian Toolkits.

Note:  all these resources were created as a result of extensive collaborations with our partners, and do not belong to us solely. We’re just sharing them with you.

PlaceCity Toolbox

PlaceCity is a project that used  placemaking methods for urban regeneration. The results as well as the single placemaking activities were  assembled together and made available in an open-source toolbox, which is based on the experiences of establishing sustainable business cases for placemaking in local contexts.

The Placemaking Europe Toolbox is a collection of curated placemaking resources – in the medium as digital tool manuals, or handbooks, open-source under the creative commons – for all to access, learn from, and practice. 

The Toolbox is integral to better placemaking.  The need for a common platform to share our public space resources that can be adaptable across contexts is a necessity, hence the creation of this toolbox. 

Eutropian is proud to have contributed to the creation of this toolbox, in collaboratoin with other PlaceCity partners.

The gE.CO Toolkits

The Generative Commons Project was an H2020 funded EU project that aimed to research and provide resources for the activation and generation of urban voids. Together with our partners, we published  the most comprehensive survey on Urban Commons in Europe to date, and created a series of toolkits that cover topics such as governance, participation and temporary use.

The research based tools provide initiatives with the resources necessary to launch their projects and maintain longevity.

Highly customized, these toolkits cater to unique needs and offer initiatives with the know-how and means (as well as suggestions and best case practices to drawn from) to initiate, manage and successfully organize their efforts.

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