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We specialize in acting as a bridge between community groups, citizen initiatives, municipalities and EU institutions in participation, fundraising and policy development, as well as in designing cooperation and communication within local and international ecosystems.

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Through our projects and consultancies, we’ve come into contact with (and established meaningful friendships with) institutions and communities that spearhead local economic development and social innovation. Our work has provided us with access to a wealth of information, which we’ve compiled and written extensively about. Our publications span across a variety of themes, ranging from participation, fundraising and policy development to community and finance, digital urban governance, urban regeneration, cultural development, circular community economy and social and ecological sustainability.

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Exploring the just transition Europe

What is just transition? Why are cities specially equipped to shape just transition proceses?

Public discussion increasingly refers to “just transition” as the process of decarbonising industry while simultaneously promoting social inclusion to ensure no one is left behind. The social dimension is a fundamental aspect to just transition, especially because there are already many marginalised individuals and groups under current conditions. The debate on just transition has become an integral part of Europe’s overall objective of becoming the first climate-neutral continent by 2050. This report commissioned by C40 and co-authored by Eutropian provides an overview of key concepts, themes, opportunities and challenges in relation to just transition in Europe, and highlights the opportunities that cities can leverage and strategies that may be effective in shaping a stronger collective voice in pursuit of just transition in Europe.

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Il rilancio dei mercati




We all love visiting our local markets, with a variety of unique offerings that tantalize our senses. More importantly however, they serve as a place where communities gather and exchange an assortment of goods, from products to ideas and stories. Following up on their crucial work in “Funding the Cooperative City” editors Daniela Patti and Levente Polyak launch a vital exploration into the cycles of public markets, together with Manuel Torresan.

Based on research conducted in Italian Mercato’s, the book is an in-depth analysis of the production, distribution and service cycles of markets; and delves into an analysis of the role public policies play in supporting inclusive and sustainable local market models – whether it be in Italy or throughout Europe.

Funding the cooperative city:

Community Finance and the Economy of Civic Spaces

We spotted a trend during our travels: regardless of country or cultural setting, numerous organizations are popping up throughout Europe, all focused on devising ways and new methods of re-purposing existing buildings.

The end result is quite astonishing: rejuvenated communities, civic participation, unlocked potential and transformation of whole neighborhoods. A bottom-up approach to socially inclusive and sustainable re-use of spaces can however, meet financial and legal roadblocks.

Funding the Cooperative City explores how citizen initiatives, cooperatives, non-profit companies, community land trusts, crowdfunding platforms, ethical banks and anti-speculation foundations step out of the regular dynamisms of real estate development and arrange new mechanisms to access, purchase, renovate or construct buildings for communities.

Through interviews and analyses, this book describes tendencies and contexts, and presents stories and models of community finance and civic economy.

The book offers a helpful set of resources not only for community organizations and initiators of civic spaces, but also for private developers, municipalities and EU institutions that are willing to support, facilitate or cooperate with them in order to create more resilient and inclusive local communities, facilities and services.

Interactive Cities:

Roadmap to Digital Urban Governance​

As society moves towards the digital realm, European cities are going through a transformation of their governance models and are in need of digital tools to improve urban management. This research, conducted as part of the URBACT network’s Interactive cities program, is focused on providing answers to how digital, social media and user generated content can improve the management of our cities today.

The book tackles the digitization challenge by approaching it as an opportunity to redefine and deepen the concept of citizenship and civic engagement today. Making the most of the new channels available, the book revisits the relationship between the individual and the local community in the digital era.

Commons in practice

Creating Urban Commons in Durres

This publication is a result of the Commons in practice project initiated by Eutropian. Commons in Practice was a project developed a unique way of approaching the topic of Urban Commons in the Durrës Municipality of Albania. The BACID funded project involved experts from Eutropian, local partners in Durres, the municipality and stakeholders. The project was initially developed as an exchange project, but due to the travel restrictions and limitations posed by the current pandemic, it had to be moved online.

Over a series of interactive online sessions, Eutropian experts provided a transfer of know-how and a summary of good practices. The examples focused on successful cooperation between public authorities and other relevant local stakeholders such as scholars, communities and local businesses. Project experts presented best-practice examples of Urban Commons use around Europe and proposed alternative solutions on how urban-civic partnerships can be built to last.

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