DARE Ravenna

DARE is an acronym standing for Digital Environment for collaborative Alliances. The project aims to regenerate urban Ecosystems in middle-sized cities. DARE proposes an Urban Regeneration Process based on new alliances between public, private profit and non-profit sectors and residents.

Who, what, where, how?

Where: Ravenna, Italy

Who: Levente Polyak

With whom: The city of Ravenna

How: Ravenna has a district named “Darsena,” which is where the city docks are located. It was once the the center of business and activity, but has since faded away, with the ports being moved to the outside of the city. This historical context has transformed the Darsena district into an abandoned industrial area.


More on DARE

DARE proposes an Urban Regeneration Process based on new alliances between public, private profit and non-profit sectors and residents. In order to create a collaborative platform, the project aims to develop a digital environment and a participatory process.

The digital platform will make data accessible, understandable and useful, describing the district, the process and the changes- By doing so, the project will not only enable decision makers but citizens to become active in the process as well.


The system plans on utilizing a widespread digital culture to ensure awareness and allow citizen access and interaction with the regeneration of iconic services, locations and engagement actions.

The platform will allow rapid collaboration effective co-development and start-up a set of new integrated and concrete actions for regeneration.

The new governance will include a multidisciplinary expert team supporting feasibility and sustainability of projects and a specific focus on “story telling” the whole process.

In numbers

20,284 inhabitants live in the Darsena District, a densely populated suburb of Ravenna.

No major investments have been made in the area for the last 30years.

16pieces of smart urban design and interactive public devices are going to turn the Darsena into a digitally equipped district.

What will the project accomplish?

The goal is to begin a process that shifts the Darsena district from being an abandoned, neglected, static area, to an attractive and innovative urban ecosystem, thanks to the digital transition.

Within the three years, the Darsena district will transform into a socially active area, with tangible regeneration in a connected urban environment. It will move at a steady pace towards improving the district’s quality of life.

Gathering and compiling data, the project will create a digital interaction system that integrates citizens into inclusive processes and ensures they take part in the process.

What can we take away from this project?

Gathering and utilizing data to make municipal decisions, and involving citizens in an interactive and transparent process will ensure their needs are met, and that they engage with the changes taking place, making it more sustainable and inclusive. As Eutropian, our hope is that the digital process will provide us with a set of tools and know-how that can be beneficial in supporting similar platforms across Europe.


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Project and partner info

For more information on the project and how Eutropian has acted as a consultant in ensuring urban development in Ravenna, please reach out to Levente Polyak.

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