Urban Soil 4 Food

The Urban Soil 4 Food is an Urban Innovative Actions project in Maribor supported by Daniela Patti, focusing on the establishment of urban soil based economy circles to increase local food self-sufficiency and minimise environmental footprint.

Maribor is the second largest City in Slovenia with 111.500 inhabitants and spreads across 147,5 km². It is also the capital of Podravje region. Cities such as Maribor are at the heart of Europe`s economy, but are heavily dependable on outside resources to meet their demand for energy, water, food and to accommodate waste and emissions. Self-sufficiency in Slovenia is low, soil is disappearing, quality of nutrients in the food is lowering and young population has lost knowledge and motivation for healthy eating. Also, in the world economy, where multinational companies are taking Control of seed production, leading to local seed to die out, it is extremely important to use traditional and local seeds. Therefore, the main goal of the project is to use the City’s waste to produce and valorise new products and food using an innovative process to produce urban soil, with the aim to increase local food self-sufficiency and minimise the environmental footprint of the City of Maribor.


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