The JPI funded project “The Housing-Integration-Nexus:  shaping exchange and innovation for migrants’ access to housing and social inclusion”, short HOUSE-IN, researches how inclusive housing strategies in urban neighbourhoods can help with integration of national & international migrants.

What is the HOUSE-IN project?

Most European larger cities face considerable national and internatopnal immigration.  Housing represents one of the fundamental prerequisites and foundation for structural and social integration into society.

The Housing-Integration-Nexus approach enables shifts the focus onto the experiences of those who ‘have to integrate’, recognizing issues of social justice and concurrence dynamics of low-income groups and paying attention to migrants’ and refugees’ own assessments to housing policy.

What is a Housing-Integration-Nexus?

Housing is composed of several elements: the living space itself (flat, house, etc.) but it also relates to the capacity for social participation and care within the residential environment. Including close-to-home open space, everyday neighbourly interaction and the proliferation of “micro publics” of encounter.

How can integration be achieved through inclusive housing strategies in urban neighbourhoods?

To respond to this question, HOUSE-IN will:

  • use existing inter-disciplinary, cross-sectoral and trans-regional knowledge for identifying gaps at the housing-integration intersection,
  • co-create new paradigms of discourse and co-design innovative housing strategies based on a cross-case learning exchange and
  • foster new capacities for policy and action trough building a robust methodology for transfer, especially through a “tailored translation” of knowledge to local conditions.

For this the HOUSE-IN project will focus on for case studies in the cities Vienna (Austria), Leizpzug (Germany, Riga (Latvia) and Helsingborg/Lund (Sweden). In addition  Urban-Living-Labs (ULL) will be set up in Leipzig and Riga.


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HOUSE-IN is a 18 month research programme, which started in June 2021 and was funded by JPI Urban Europe.

The project partners are Helmholtz-Centre for Environmental Research, University of Latvia, Lund University, Malmö University, Austrian Academy of Sciences and Eutropian GmbH.

For more information on the project, don’t be shy, reach out to project leader Bahanur Nasya.