Integrated approach

in Urban Innovative Actions projects​

Eutropian, in collaboration with AEIDL  wil be undertake a study – Capitalisation activity on good practices for integrated approach in Urban Innovative Actions (UIA) projects.– The research will be focusing on good practices on integrated approaches utilized in 86 Urban Innovative Actions projects.

Who, what, where, how?

Where: European cities

Who: Daniela Patti, Levente Polyak, Jorge Mosquera and Giovanni Pagano

With whom: European Association for Information on Local Development (AEIDL)

How: Capitalisation activity on good practices for an integrated approach in Urban Innovative Actions (UIA) projects is part of an overall UIA Knowledge Management Strategy. It  emphasizes the value of the knowledge generated by these 86 projects to contribute to the definition of the European Urban Initiative value chain

More on the research

The European Urban Initiative (EUI) will need to improve the content and delivery of the new Priority 5 on ‘Bringing Europe closer to citizens.’  The current edition of UIA offers enormous potential and can provide good practices in support of the EUI efforts on capacity building, innovation and knowledge. This makes it essential to define the most effective ways in creating a better understanding of the UIA projects, making them comprehensible in different European contexts and identifying elements that can serve as a basis for capacity building in other cities as well.

Research questions

  1. To what extent have the UIA projects been delivered while taking into account the three principles (territorial focus, multi-actor approach and integrated approach)?
  2. What has it meant for urban authorities to implement an integrated territorial approach?
  3. Has such an integrated territorial approach produced meaningful practices of innovation and how has [the approach] influenced the achievement of expected results?

What will the project accomplish?

In response to the three main research questions of the study, we plan on obtaining the following results:

First, we will use the screening and selection exercise to gain an impression of the extent of policy integration, the size and composition of their partnership and the nature of their territorial focus.

Second, we will use the case studies to pose the question on how being a recipient of an UIA award has changed the way in which the local authority works with its partners.  In particular, we will be looking for changes in the organization of activity on one hand and on the other, for changes in the way politicians see innovation.

We’re mainly interested in how running a UIA project changes the organization itself – particularly whether other policies benefit from the focus on integration and innovation developed in the UIA project.

Last but not least, we are determined to show that, through a selection of case studies, UIA projects have produced meaningful practices of innovation and that the results were achieved because of the innovative approach.

What can we take away from this project?

The selection and analyses of UIA projects best practices on territorial, multi-actor and integrated approach can potentially inspire the content of action in the preparation of the urban dimension of Cohesion policy 2021-2027 as regional operational programmes are negotiated and implemented.

Nevertheless, at Eutropian we keep the pulse of Europe when it comes to matters related to urban development, sustainability and inclusion. Therefore, this research will increase our knowledge, and will give use the opportunity to grow, to learn new skills and exchange views.


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Project and partner info

Prato Urban Jungle  is a UIA initiative. Daniela Patti supports the network and the development of the project as an expert.

For more information on the project and how Eutropian has acted as a consultant in aiding territorial, multi-actor and integrated approach,  please reach out to her directly.

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