Curing the Limbo

Curing the Limbo is an Urban Innovative Actions project in Athens supported by Levente Polyak, focusing on empowering refugees and migrants in limbo state to ignite housing affordability.

The problem identified by Athens is the long-term inactivity that characterises a large part of its recently arrived refugee population, adding up to a similar condition of its own local unemployed people. This is one of the “limbo” aspects pointed out in the City of Athens, which in its eighth consecutive year of crisis witnesses a growing number of properties remaining vacant, topping to the overall isolation all of its inhabitants equally experience.
We estimate that about 13.000 refugees reside currently in the municipality of Athens, a City they did not choose as a final destination, stranded after the closing of the borders. They need to find incentives and motivation to become part of the society, despite the unevenness of the surrounding reality, where the rate of local unemployment exceeds 20%, the highest among the EU countries.
The challenge is how to activate the refugee population, capitalising on the vibrant civil society of Athens that has been spreading in the City offering its intelligence to the emerging pressing urban needs. Using these invaluable results at the opposite end of the crisis we aim to overturn the established inertia and offer positive impact to the City at a wider scale.