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The Eutropian team is made up of individuals with diverse backgrounds: allowing us to tackle complex themes and create formats that help relay them to a wider audience.

We tell stories

We’ve produced documentary films, social media campaigns, podcasts and other audio-visual material relaying the interesting and inspiring stories we come across as we continue to research, promote and advocate on behalf of social initiatives. Our passion for social and urban justice is rivaled by our love for storytelling and narrating the inspiring tales that captivate and motivate us. Go ahead, have a look at some of our work below!

The OpenHeritage documentary series

The Open Heritage project is a consortium composed of research institutions, universities, financial organizations, developers and community involvement experts.Funded by the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation program, the project aims at creating sustainable models of heritage asset management by placing idea of inclusive governance of cultural heritage sites together with development of heritage communities at the core and thus, empowering local communities in processes of adaptive reuse.

Eutropian teams worked on creating the style and format of the Openheritage video series; overseeing their production in 16 locations throughout Europe. The results of the case studies have been published as papers and short films, available to the public.

The videos were conceived to accompany and support the Observatory Case studies in a format that is more accessible and can reach a broader audience. They tell the story of each initiative through testimonies of their protagonists, highlighting the importance of both individual engagement and community spirit.

Our common city

Local politics are changing throughout Europe, as citizen movements enter city halls and transform policies. “Our Common city” is a series of interviews with representatives of movements and grass roots organizations, as they discuss local initiatives and how international exchange can contribute to local policies.


Eutropian is proud communication partner in numerous EU funded projects. We’re generally a preferred organization when the need for communicating complex urban issues to a wider target group arises. During our efforts and collaborations, we’ve created numerous interview clips to be shared across social media channels and platforms. We’ve also created unique formats, designed intro and extro graphic elements and acted as a consultant with project partners in ensuring the most effective formats are created and disseminated.

Cooperative City under Quarantine

Cooperative City has inspired unique initiatives that promote dialogue and support our need to hear positive, inspiring stories.

This was even more pressing during the time of the COVID-19 crisis, when the world felt a universal sense of despair and hopelessness. Our need and desire to establish a line of communication between various stakeholders and keep the discourse active manifested itself in the creation of the Cooperative City under quarantine series: a weekly live broadcast that aired during the Corona lock-down, aimed specifically in relaying positive stories and inspirational community run initiatives in the face of the COVID challenge.

The Open Heritage campaign

After having traversed across Europe and collecting countless interviews, we realized we couldn’t fit it all into the documentaries we created. So we used the most interesting soundbites and created quote clips as part of the social media campaign for the Open Heritage project.

The clips compliment themes tackled in the documentaries, and serve as digestible, bite-sized videos that can inform and inspire viewers.

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If you have questions about the films and videos we created.  If you want to propose a collaboration, please get in touch with our resident filmmaker and communications expert Yilmaz Vurucu

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