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The story behind Solidarity City Vienna

The Cooperative City Magazine was our first and initial venture into researching ad documenting inclusive urban processes; and as such, can be considered to be our flagship product. The magazine has acted as a catalyst in positioning us as a bridge between the initiators and communities of such initiatives, the broader public, and the municipal institutions and instruments that support them. Being highly active in Vienna, we noticed the surplus of initiatives that shape our community and have a positive impact. As such, we felt it crucial to launch Solidarity City Vienna, a platform that focuses on the experiences of those who make, transform and enhance communities in Vienna.

What is Solidarity City Vienna?

Solidarity City is a brand new online platform by Cooperative City Magazine and Eutropian. Solidarity City brings you the stories of initiatives that shape our communities. With the difficult challenges facing our societies today, community and solidarity practices have become more important than ever. Taking Vienna as a starting point, Solidarity City will be your go-to platform to discover initiatives that focus on social inclusion, fair employment, participation, sustainable food systems, ethical consumption and responsible tourism. Despite the increasing interest in the social and solidarity economy in Europe, many initiatives remain known only locally, or are hidden from a broader public as their protagonists lack the time and skills to tell their experiences. Furthermore, there is insufficient methodological knowledge that would help these initiatives relate to each other and constitute stronger, more cooperative civic tissues.

We believe that Solidarity City, by giving a platform to a selection of solidarity initiatives in Vienna, exploring their achievements and challenges, as well as telling their stories and helping them gain visibility, can help create the missing link between solidarity practices, the community involved with them, urban policies and consumption habits.

Our cities are complex systems: they’re not exclusively produced by development agencies, municipal departments or planning institutions. Instead, they are created by a multiplicity of actors, formal and informal, from neighbourhood initiatives and citizen movements to private and public development projects, policy frameworks and international funding schemes.

Besides the stories behind solidarity initiatives, Solidarity City also explores the policies that support or obstruct them. 

Read our observations on policies impacting Vienna’s solidarity initiatives. 

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Cooperative City Magazine was our first step into this wonderful and inspiring world of citizen initiatives and the communities they are a part of.

We are taking it a step further with Solidarity City Vienna, and focusing on initiatives that impact Vienna locally.

Have a look at the interviews we’ve conducted with local initiatives so far, below.

Read the articles!

Head on over to the Solidarity City page to read our articles and obtain in-depth information on the initiatives that shape Vienna!


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