Eutropian is an active partner in numerous research and action projects on urban processes. We cooperate with teams and project partners from across the continent, and contribute towards the development and implementation of sustainable and inclusive projects. Use the drop-down menu to learn about just projects in detail.

As Eutropian, we’ve been involved in the conception and development of numerous projects for years. Our goal has been to provide support and expertise on sustainable urban models that foster a sense of community and inclusion. From researching generative commons best practices to promoting urban heritage renewal methods – we’re currently partners and stakeholders in multiple projects that connect partners and experts from all levels. We are in daily contact and exchange with universities, government institutions, planners, urban developers, project initiators, non-profit organizations and citizens, allowing us to keep an ear open to a diverse range of voices and perceptions.

We’re proud of our work, and would love to share the concepts with you: so don’t be shy, have a look at the list of our current projects below.

Just Cooperation

At the crux of our core model is cooperation and exchange. Our company model is more like a community connecting individuals with diverse talents and expertise-as is our approach to project development. We collaborate and engage in exchanges with numerous partners across Europe on projects that support local economic development, solidarity, regeneration, community participation, inclusive urban regeneration and the research and application of sustainable economic, environmental and social models. We’re currently active as project partners, researchers, expert consultants, developers, media managers and stakeholders in numerous EU funded development projects.

We gather information and data, compile best practices, pass on knowledge and know-how, network and connect institutions with organizations, and promote the multiplication of successful case studies through favorable support systems and government regulations.Of course, we’re always looking for project partners and project suggestions.

Just get in touch

Eutropian supports the development and implementation of positive, sustainable and inclusive urban development models. So please don’t hesitate to drop us a line and get in touch. Especially if you have a project in mind, are interested in developing a joint concept, or simply need our expertise and know-how in implementation and support. Email us at: info@eutropian.org

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