We are always looking for project partners and project suggestions. Our aim is to have long lasting solutions for current urban problems. If you have a project in mind, please drop us a line.


PlaceCity, Dynamics of placemaking and digitization

To improve public spaces with the surrounding ground floors is the work of placemakers. In the international project PlaceCity we support placemakers by developing the network Europe-wide further and elaborating an open source toolbox.

We will connect our experience of PlaceCity with the Cost Action “Dynamics of placemaking and digitalization” network and work further on the tools/impact of placemaking.

Open Heritage

Revitalisation and conversation of buildings and areas with cultural meaning is one of the bigger achievements of the last century in the urban development. Regularly they are operated as a museum or similar. With Open Heritage we are analysing good citizen driven revitalisation practices and are elaborating models to empower communities, who want to use their heritage by themselves.

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Generative European Commons – gE.CO

Commons are very important for communities. Access to spatial commons can provide the physical place to identify common interests and benefits. In most European countries there are initiatives who try their best to activate such spaces. With gE.CO we are building up a digital network, where such groups not only can learn from each other but also receive legal or strategically support for the process.

Funding the cooperative city, Project Space, Cooperative City Magazine

With the Project Space we met lots of young teams who had great ideas for their cities, but had no means to realise them. Throughout the projects we sensed a big need for models to finance projects and make them long lasting. Our research results we published in our book Funding the Cooperative City. Newer additions to successful models, we publish regularly on our online magazine Cooperative City.

Interactive Cities, TUTUR,

To reach communities in the process is another common challenge in modern societies. With the URBACT funded network “Interactive Cities” we participated in the co-creation process of 12 European cities.

Urban vacancies are in the shrinking cities and towns a common problem. We helped cities with the TUTUR project to rethink vacancy and capture their potentials for the neighbourhoods. 

Cooperative City Magazine

Through thematic issues, ongoing social media discourse but also trainings, mediation and site visits, the magazin “Cooperative City Magazine” brings current up to date information on local innovations to the different actors of the urban sphere.

Rethinking food markets

Rethinking food markets” is a project that aims at elaborating strategies to revitalize declining marketplaces. Public spaces are created in interaction of various social groups. Marketplaces have traditionally constituted some of the most important public spaces, however, they gradually lost their role.

Temporary use as a tool for urban regeneration

Temporary use is a planning tool effectively bringing together various stakeholders: it engages an important number of municipal and private economic development agencies and property owners, as well as cultural organisations, to elaborate potential uses of existing infrastructure and resources.

Collaborative Planning

Collaborative Planning is a process that helps connecting and bringing together different actors to help transform our cities. We work together with local communities and invite international experts from around Europe to come together and elaborate ways to intervene in a local situation.