MAY 5-9. Funding the Cooperative City – Rome

A workshop in Rome to discover about  new economic models for community-led urban development with initiatives from Italy and around Europe. Un workshop a Roma per conoscere nuovi modelli economici per uno sviluppo urbano promossi dalla cittadinanza con iniziative italiane e straniere.

European Cultural Foundation Letter to the Dutch Minister about the Urban Agenda

The European Cultural Foundation has sent a letter to the Dutch Minister that has been co-signed by various organisations to highlight the importance of embedding culture and participatory governance models involving citizens, local authorities and EU institutions in the EU Urban Agenda. Letter ECF and partners to Minister Plasterk and Urban Envoy Beets – EU Urban Agenda The letter Read More …

Financiando el urbanismo ciudadano en El Pais

“Vemos cómo en los países europeos los proyectos de innovación ciudadana y autogestión establecen más relaciones con el sector privado que con la administración o los ayuntamientos. La cuestión de mantener un derecho de uso o propiedad compartida limitando las actividades que en ellos se alojan es una cuestión clave para que estos proyectos se Read More …

Finanziare la Città Cooperativa

Funding the Cooperative City is on Quaderni of University of Roma Tre. The article (in Italian) explains about the emerging economic models that local communities are developing to run spaces and deliver services. What can be further developed also by public administration to support these initiatives?

Metropolitan Governance in the Peri-Urban Landscape

Metropolitan Governance in the Peri-Urban Landscape: The Tower of Babel? The Case of the Vienna–Bratislava Metropolitan Region The discrepancy between the de facto city and the de iure city has brought to the attention the pressing issue of metropolitan governance, which has often strengthened the cooperation among existing institutions but without including other relevant stakeholders Read More …


Regions & alternative markets for a social and sustainable citizen-driven Europe! REVES Network Meeting in Tulln, Austria on 14-16 April 2016 Eutropian will be joining the round table discussions to share the ongoing experience on Funding the Cooperative City.  

81 applications!

Funding the Cooperative City call received 81 applications from around Europe, thank you to everyone for the very interesting stories we gathered. All the information will be shared with you at the beginning of March, stay tuned!

Nuova vita ai mercati / New life for markets film released!

New Life for Markets is a project that aims at elaborating strategies to revitalize declining marketplaces. Marketplaces have traditionally constituted some of the most important public spaces, attracting people from all ways of lives and all financial capabilities. In the past decades, however, they gradually lost their role: while urban and metropolitan agriculture are flourishing, Read More …

Hearing on the Urban Agenda

On 14th December, we participated at a a hearing on the topic of the upcoming Urban Agenda, organised by the European Economic and Social Committee. Our contribution “Citizens for Sustainable Cities: Civil Society’s role in the Urban Agenda” proposed ways to include civic organisations and community initiatives into the Urban Agenda discussion, thus mobilising the Read More …