The Cooperative City Journal

Through thematic issues, ongoing social media discourse but also trainings, mediation and site visits, this platform brings current up to date information on local innovations to the different actors of the urban sphere.

European population lives by 80% in cities, reason why the European Union has addressed great attention to the Urban Agenda in the ”Horizon 2020” funding scheme. In order for the EU guidelines to be relevant and implemented at local level there is a need for improving the implemented they need to be accessible. Currently, there is the need in Europe to regularly update public administrations, communities, practitioners on urban planning topics using effective and operational content and language. Community initiatives in the urban realm increasingly need to be compared and transferred, as in the case of national urban policies promoted by member states that need to be compliant to EU major policies. For this reason we aim at bridging this gap by sharing urban knowledge between European cities in the form of a media platform, capitalisation, training and consultancy to private and public stakeholders.

The Cooperative City magazine is currently under construction and will be launched in January 2017!


The project is supported by the Vienna Business Agency Creative Industry Start-Up program