"Building community spaces for cultivating local ecosystems"

Based on Riga’s good practice, the NGO House, the ACTive NGOs URBACT Transfer network brought together six cities to strengthen community venues and build civic ecosystems around them.

For the past two years and a half, Eutropian’s Levente Polyak has been supporting the network as a Lead Expert to help local experiments in new forms of public-civic cooperation.

The final event, originally planned to take place in Brighton and Hove, takes participants on a virtual journey to explore civic initiatives, community venues and social engagement projects in the East Brighton area with the help of their protagonists.

Mark your calendar: April 7 @ 10 a.m. UTC+02

In addition, the network’s journey, exchange and learning trajectory will be discussed during the event. The first day (April 7th) will be public and open to all. The discussions and presentations will introduce the ACTive NGOs project and share its results.

The project’s trajectory, connecting methodologies of stakeholder mapping, ecosystem building, civic spaces, governance, economic resilience and capacity building will be presented in a soon-to-be-published book.


Head on over to the Facebook event page for more information and visit the Eventbrite page to register for the event.



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