Arriving to the Cooperative City: the Vienna Refugee Coalition

19th November 2016, h17:00 – 19:00

Location: Das Packhaus (Marxergasse 24, 1030 Vienna)

In the past years, Vienna has been facing an unparalleled challenge: from summer 2015, several waves of refugees arrived to the city in one of the largest migration movements of the last decades. In this situation, Vienna witnessed an unprecedented alliance between various public, civic and private actors in the city, whose mobilisation created many services and opportunities for refugees, including housing, education, employment, communication and integration.

In July 2016, Wonderland Platform for European Architecture and the Austrian Kulturforum Berlin brought together many of these initiatives in Berlin for a workshop to discuss practices and exchange experiences. In October 2016, the City of Vienna was announced one of the winners of the European Union’s Urban Innovative Actions call, with a proposal to create public-civic partnerships around the issue of refugee support and inclusion. This creates an unique opportunity to bring together various departments and programmes of the Vienna Municipality and bottom-up initiatives that created many innovative services in the past years.

On November 19, as part of the Metropolitan Field Trip Vienna, organised together with Pakhuis de Zwijger, Das Packhaus, XsentrikArts and Eutropian, a dozen of Dutch urban professionals and municipal officers will visit Vienna and some of the city’s most innovative urban initiatives. After a series of site visits across the city, a public event at Das Packhaus will bring together citizen initiatives, municipal officers and public program leaders as well as creative entrepreneurs addressing the issue of refugee support, to discuss the possibilities and modalities of cooperation.

Public event with 

Christian Penz (Bockwerk)
Johanna Aufner (Magda’s Hotel)
Renate Stuefer, Karin Harather (Displaced/TU Wien)
Nina Kolowratnik, Johannes Pointl (Fluchtraum Österreich)
Ulrike Böhm (Verein Lokal Agenda 21) – tbc
Harald Gruendl – EOOS – tbc

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