How to work with other European cities on shared challenges towards common objectives? How to develop a common vision?

These were some of the topics at the Urbact Summer University, hosted in Malmö, Sweden, on 28-30 August 2023. This capacity-building event is dedicated to city representatives of the new URBACT Action Planning Networks. It is designed to equip up to 500 city practitioners involved in URBACT Action Planning Networks with competences useful for developing Integrated Action Plans to drive change in your cities.

At the three-day event, Eutropian’s Levente Polyak acted as Hub Manager. In this role, he brought together different city networks that work on topics connecting urban regeneration with green transition and social impact

During the University’s three days, Levente helped municipal officers and experts get acquainted with methods to map problems and stakeholders, develop a common vision, and plan action.

In betwen workshops and networking events, the Summer University attendees had the opportunitiy to participate in various study visits on topics addressed by the University. These study tours included a site visit to SYSAV, a large-scale  textiles’ separation plant, and learn about Malmö’s model for waste management, recycling, waste minimisation and energy recovery.

Others joined the City of Malmö’s mobility team for a cycling tour of the city centre, looking at various initiatives to promote active mobility in the city.

With the limited time between  leading workshops Levente attended the tour visiting some of Malmö’s innovative social enterprises providing employment, skills development trainings and essential services to support a more inclusive and sustainable city, including circularity solutions and other environmental benefits alongside strong social outcomes.

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