Workshop on Democratic Innovation and the EUARENAS Toolbox of Experimental Participatory Methods

This week, Eutropian hosted a dynamic workshop in Rome as part of the EUARENAS project, supported by the Horizon 2020 programme.

The initiative focuses on enhancing participatory local democracy and fostering connections within the European democratic landscape.

Local participants from Rome had the opportunity to engage in the workshop led by Eutropian’s Lukacs Hayes. The session commenced with an introduction to key concepts such as participation and deliberative democracy, followed by insightful discussions aimed at establishing a shared understanding among attendees.

Furthermore, participants were introduced to the newly launched Toolbox of Experimental Participatory Methods. This resource showcases 20 diverse case studies from a variety of sectors, demonstrating how different actors have implemented various methodologies to foster participation at different levels.

Following dynamic discussions on participation and deliberative democracy, a compelling case study of the ‘Vienna Youth Strategy’ was shared, spotlighting Vienna’s innovative approach in engaging youth to shape democratic interventions with tangible outcomes. Diverse in their backgrounds, participants enthusiastically deliberated on pressing topics like education and climate.

Additionally, questions regarding the representation of vulnerable groups and the dynamics between top-down and bottom-up processes were thoroughly examined.

This workshop underscored the commitment and involvement of citizens and local stakeholders in exploring and enhancing the effectiveness of deliberative democracy and participation. Through the utilisation of methodologies showcased in the EUARENAS Toolbox, participants engaged in constructive discussions to better comprehend these concepts. Anticipating future events, Eutropian aims to further empower and support citizens and local stakeholders in their participation in inclusive and collaborative initiatives.

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