Civic Engagement, Heritage and Sustainability public debate

This debate – organized by Luiss Law, Luiss LabGov.City, Roma Tre University Architecture Department and Eutropian – will take place within the Third Consortium Meeting, a pioneering engaged and problem-based research project on community-led sustainability mechanisms for cultural heritage in cities that will take place at Luiss on the same day. The Meeting will host scholars, international, European and national public institutions to stimulate a discussion about civic engagement and sustainability (social, economic and environmental) as cross-cutting principles for cultural heritage governance and applied research to trigger sustainable development processes at the local level.


Institutional greetings

– Andrea Prencipe Rector Luiss University
– Giovanni Lo Storto General Manager Luiss University
– Antonio Punzi Department of Law Vice Dean Luiss University


– Raffaele Bifulco Department of Law Luiss University


– Erminia Sciacchitano EU Commission DG Culture Policy Officer and Chief Scientific Advisor European Year of Cultural Heritage 2018 “The EU Policy framework on participatory governance of cultural heritage”

– Mark Thatcher Professor of Political science Luiss University “European Cultural Heritage policy: identity and markets”

Panel discussion

– Nicola Borrelli General Director Urban Regeneration Italian Ministry of Culture “Civic Collaboration as the engine for culture based local economic development – the Italian Policy Culture Urban Future”

– Peter Gould American University of Rome “Empowering Communities through Archaeology and Heritage”

– Luisella Pavan Woolfe Council of Europe “The role of the Faro Convention for the promotion of equality, inclusion and development of local communities and minorities through heritage”

– Sandra Gizdulich Urban Agenda Partnership for Culture and Cultural Heritage and Italy Territorial Cohesion Agency “The key actions of the Urban Agenda on Culture”

Concluding remarks

– Giovanni Caudo Roma Tre University – Architecture Department

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