The Commons in Practice project, with main goal of ushering in a new way of approaching the topic of Urban Commons in Durrës Municipality has reached a successful conclusion.

 The BACID funded project involved local partners in Durres as well as the municipality and stakeholders.

Due to travel restriction and limitations posed by the current pandemic, the project had to be moved online. Eutropian experts provided a transfer of know-how and good practices with public authorities and other relevant local stakeholders such as scholars, communities and local businesses. Project experts presented best-practice examples of Urban Commons use around Europe and proposed alternative solutions on how urban-civic partnerships can be built to last.

Gamification as a means to collaboration

Eutropian’s  gamification experts developed a customized virtual board game in which local stakeholders, as well as participants from Eutropian took part. The objective of the game was inspired by the existing commons options in Durrës: to transform a fictitious empty factory building into a community space through community participation.

The game was developed based on a four step process: empathise, design, cooperate and advocate.

View workshops

Click on the video links below to view the workshops in their entirety, including the third session focused on using interactive games to create commons strategies and concepts.

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The final session involved an interactive, custom-tailored game.


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