Just Communication

We’re a group of diverse individuals coming from a variety of backgrounds… And we’re passionate about a major and all-important topic: just cities.

Visibility and advocacy through storytelling

We keep the pulse of on-the-ground initiatives and help them gain visibility not only to their peers and community, but also to policymakers and potential partners both locally and internationally, as well as to the broader public. We're experts in communicating social inclusion and participation projects to a wide audience via through cutting-edge dissemination techniques and communications methods: from webinars and interactive trainings to videos, documentaries and social media networks.
One of our core strengths is the ability to spot impactful stories, and utilize our knowhow to translate that story to today’s modern media landscape in or via various diverse formats. Our formats appeal to a wide range of audiences, and are used as advocacy, to raise public awareness, as parts of research, policy development or community building.

These formats include webinars, website blog entries, articles, publications and articles, interactive stories, videos, interview bits, podcasts, short and long form documentaries. Here is a brief summary of the formats we’ve developed over the years, with examples.

Just Magazines

We love stories. In fact, one of our driving forces is the passion to research, create and disseminate reports on citizens movements and initiatives.

Eutropian is built around and has it’s roots in our capacity to research and report through our online platform: Cooperative City. Since then, we’ve diversified our portfolio and continue to build unique and imperative platforms.

Cooperative City Magazine

Cooperative City Magazine publishes stories of collaborative urban development processes from across the European continent. Run by Eutropian, the magazine researches, collects and shares promising practices from European cities. By focusing on the experiences of those who make, transform and enhance our cities, the magazine addresses their relationships, challenges and successes in contributing towards the creation of more inclusive and resilient cities.

Active in collecting stories of initiatives and grass-roots organisations through on-site visits and interviews  for years, Cooperative City Magazine has become a leading online platform for the best practices in Europe featuring articles, videos, podcasts and webinars


Solidarity City Magazine

Solidarity City is our most recent initiative, The online magazine shares the stories of initiatives that shape our communities. Despite the increasing interest in the social and solidarity economy in Europe, many initiatives remain known only locally, or are hidden from a broader public as their protagonists lack the time and skills to tell their experiences. Furthermore, there is insufficient methodological knowledge that would help these initiatives relate to each other and constitute stronger, more cooperative civic tissues.

Taking Vienna as a starting point, Solidarity City will be your go-to platform to discover initiatives that focus on social inclusion, fair employment, participation, sustainable food systems, ethical consumption and responsible tourism. The magazine will extend it’s coverage and reach over time, with special editions for distinct European cities. Currently in the works is Solidarity City Budapest.

Just Webinars

When COVID reared it’s ugly head and brought our societies to a full stop, we noticed that we were missig acrucial element, as we were all locked indoors, attempting to fight off a pandemic: interaction and communication.
What’s more, we also began noticing the significant role civil society initiatives, local grass roots organizations and groups of involved citizens were having in ensuring our needs were met and social cohesion remained in tact.

Cooperative City under Quarantine

That’s when we began with Cooperative City in Quarantine, a weekly live broadcast that aired during the Corona lock-down, aimed specifically in relaying positive stories and inspirational community run initiatives in the face of the COVID challenge. The series went on for a staggering 15 episodes, reaching tens of thousands of viewers online and igniting exchange while inspiring stakeholders in our societies.

The success of our format led to requests and partnerships, and we created specialized webinars for the Generative Commons Living Lab Project (as the communications leader), partnering with the European Urban Knowledge network on a series of Cooperative Urban Futures webinars that focused on a wide rang of issues such as Circular economy and place making at the street-level .

Cooperative City under Quarantine - view all episodes here

Our Cooperative City Dialogues served as a continuation of the uder quarantine series and replicated the successful format, tackling subjects such as Urban Commons, Urban heritage, and Gamification. The series predicated itself on inviting experts in the field to engage in dialogue and share their expertise with the general public. We continue to utilize our expertise in webinar creation and production on the projects we work on and use this distinct format as a communications activity.


Just Videos

When we travel to locations for the projects we’re working on, we make it a point to intearct with local stakeholders, hear their stroies and capture their experties, experiences, knowhow and challenges as reference for similar initiatives across the continent, as well as to use as documentation and case studies for our research and activity in advocacy.

We noticed that above all, creating videos in the form of mini-documentaries and interviews generally piques viewer interest on the topic and helps narrate the stories in a digestible manner.

Just Documentaries

During the research and exchange phases of the projects we’re partners in, we generally come across a wealth of information, content and context on issues and topics as well as movements related to improving our societies. Some of these issues and stories need to be told in shorter forms, and some (we feel) need to be highlighted as longer films and stories. We’re currently busy working on a feature format documentary, stemming from our experience with the Open Heritage short documentary series.

The Our Common City Series

Local politics are changing throughout Europe, as citizen movements enter city halls and transform policies. "Our Common city" is a series of interviews with representatives of movements and grass roots organizations, as they discuss local initiatives and how international exchange can contribute to local policies. We utilized our social media reach to raise awareness on these issues and advocate on behalf of local citizen movements.

The Open Heritage Documentary Series

These short documentary videos were conceived to accompany and support the Observatory Case studies in a format that is more accessible and can reach a broader audience. They tell the story of each initiative through testimonies of their protagonists, highlighting the importance of both individual engagement and community spirit. As Eutropian we create six documentary films, developed the format and branding for the series; a total of 15 films were created as part of the Open Heritage project.

Just Social Media

One of our strengths as Eutropian is our extensive social media reach, and our expertise in creating unique formats and strategies that help communicate the work we do in our projects. Here is a list of some select social media strategy cases we’ve had the pleasure of producing over the years:

The Open Heritage Social Media Campaign

After having traversed across Europe and collecting countless interviews, we realized we couldn’t fit it all into the documentaries we created. So we used the most interesting soundbites and created quote clips as part of the social media campaign for the Open Heritage project. The clips compliment themes tackled in the documentaries, and serve as digestible, bite-sized videos that can inform and inspire viewers.

The AGORA city walks

AGORA Walks is a series of local actions introducing the project and the AGORA Areas to local stakeholders. The AGORA project is implemented under the INTERREG Danube program and is co-funded by the European Union funds (ERDF, IPA II) with the financial contribution of partner states and institutions. We created the design and concept of this series, and the videos were then produced by our local partners in tight collaboration with us. The clips compliment themes tackled in the documentaries, and serve as digestible, bite-sized videos that can inform and inspire viewers.

View the remaining walks and talks series videos here!

The Generative Commons Partner interview videos

At the start of the Generative Commons project, we felt wee needed to devise a unique and interactive/enticing way of introducing the project, it’s goals and set milestones to the public. Within this framework, we created partner interview videos, in which we speak with different project partners about their contributions to and perspectives on the project(s). The clips compliment themes tackled in the documentaries, and serve as digestible, bite-sized videos that can inform and inspire viewers.

Eutropian City Zoom-Ins

Over the years, we’ve visited numerous cities and sites through the projects we’ve worked on.Our stays were always fruitful and enjoyable. Not only did we collaborate with our partners and partake in exchanges, but we also utilized the opportunity to gather the stories of the initiatives, cities and communities we had the privilege of meeting and spending time with.
Eutropian Zoom-ins
We now have a database filled with interviews, photographs, anecdotes, data, information and everything in between. So what better way to make use of all the material in our possession? We created these zoom-ins as part of one of the unique interactive formats we’ve created.

The Solidarity City Interview Series

Solidarity City is a brand new online magazine by Cooperative City Magazine and Eutropian. With the difficult challenges facing our societies today, community and solidarity practices have become more important than ever. Taking Vienna as a starting point, Solidarity City will be your go-to platform to discover initiatives that focus on social inclusion, fair employment, participation, sustainable food systems, ethical consumption and responsible tourism. This interview series with initiatives that shape and support communities in Vienna helps shed a light on their histories, goals and operations.

Just Research

Don’t let our use of fresh, hip jargon and online presence fool you. In essence, we still have the researcher in us. That's why we're still quite active in researching, writing and publishing research papers and books. Here are some examples.

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