Quite the surprise, for us as well!

Eutropian provides support with advocacy, research and policy to support inclusive urban processes. We work with civic initiatives, municipalities, knowledge institutions and EU organizations across Europe to bring about change in our cities.

It might come as a surprise then, that co-founder Daniela Patti has decided to take the bold step of running for local elections in Rome. It sure was for us!

Needless to say, being directly involved in politics was probably not something we thought we’d dabble our feet in.

At the same time, we care about the communities we’re a part of and contribute towards their well-being with a passion. Could this be Dani’s motivation? Well, to find out and get to the bottom of it all, we conducted an interview with our very own Daniela Patti.

Question: Why politics, Dani?

Daniela Patti: “I am running for local elections in Rome because I am putting my competences and passion at the disposal of Romans. I am an anglo-roman urban planner and since years I run local development projects with an inclusive approach in Rome and other Italian and European cities: from regeneration of markets to the development of community hubs, from circular economy projects to participatory processes, from strengthening civil society to social innovation.

It is time to work together Listening, Knowledge and Collaboration to make Rome a Just City. In Rome the biggest resource are the citizens: we all work to make our city a better place to live in.

Question: It’s interesting you mention”Just cities” given that’s a topic we’re passionate about. What do you think you can contribute towards the improvement of Rome?

Daniela Patti: “Since years I work throughout Europe and Italian cities with competences in strengthening the dialogue between citizens and the administration in developing co-design processes of services in our city. For this reason I am bringing my contribute towards making Rome an international city as it should be, where Administration and citizens work together.

In Lisbon and Bari I contributed to create these participatory processes to strengthen, define and implement the use of European Funds for sustainable local development. Rome currently doesn’t use these resources and we should bring our city back into the international arena.”

Question: Could you delve further into how these issues relate to Eutropian and the company’s core principles?

Daniela Patti: “The reason why I run for local elections is because throughout the last years I had the privilege to support many municipalities throughout Europe in carrying out local development projects through innovative and participative approaches. But this is something that is not happening in Rome because local politicians are not supporting this vision. For this reason I am running as City Councillor.”

Question: Well, we know your passion for inclusion and equal access to all,  but could you tell us more about the platform and your running mate?

Daniela Patti:

I am running within the civic list Roma Futura (Future Rome) that is part of the centre-left coalition supporting Roberto Gualtieri as candidate mayor.

In order to support female participation in politics, in Italy it is possible to vote at the same time a man and a woman. For this reason I am running for local election in Rome with Paolo Leccese, city lead of the Volt pan-european party and district Councillor in Rome. Paolo studies political philosophy and is very passionate about how civic engagement is a means towards democratic participation in our political system.

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