DARE Ravenna (UIA, 2020-2023) is an urban regeneration process focusing on Ravenna’s Darsena area, helped by the use of data, digital platforms and tools as well as of digital skills. Tasks: article writing, report redaction, communication.

DARE proposes an Urban Regeneration Process based on new alliances between public, private profit and non-profit sectors and residents. In order to create a collaborative platform, we will develop a digital environment and a participatory process. The digital platform will make data accessible, understandable and useful, describing the district, the process and the changes and enabling, in so doing, not only decision makers but also citizens to become active part in the process. Such system has to rely on a widespread DIGITAL CULTURE to allow people to become aware digital city changers and interact with regenerations iconic services/engagement actions based on data & digital tools. Platform and skills will allow us to collaborate rapidly and effectively to co-develop and start-up a set of new integrated and concrete actions for regeneration. The new governance will include a multidisciplinary expert team supporting feasibility and sustainability of projects and a specific focus on “story telling” the whole process.

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