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The Open Heritage Training Programme is Co-organised by Eutropian

Aimed at professionals (e.g. city officials, urbanists and other experts, working on the topic of cultural heritage, etc.) involved with Heritage Protection and Adaptive Reuse, a training program developed and carried out by Eutropian and Platoniq will take place from mid-October until mid-December, held every 2 weeks, starting from the 19th of October 2021.

Topics covered in the training include Heritage Reuse, Finance, Governance and Community Involvement, as well as Territorial Impact.

Unique cases in each workshop

In each workshop, participants from different backgrounds and disciplines will go through and study a number of Observatory Cases, focusing on given themes for the first four workshops, and integrating all subtopics in a final, fifth, module. Each module will have an approximate duration of 2,5 hours, and app. 20 participants from a variety of countries.

What is the Open Heritage project?

OpenHeritage aims at creating sustainable models of heritage asset management. The project puts the idea of inclusive governance of cultural heritage sites together with the development of heritage communities at its centre. This means empowering the community in the processes of adaptive reuse. The project is financed by the European Union’s H2020 funding scheme.


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