EUARENAS investigates the ways in which social movements coupled with local government reform initiatives, manifest themselves in local-level experiments and create momentum for political change. The project promotes inclusive and participatory forms of governance.

The project consists of universities, municipalities, think-tanks, NGOs and active civil society actors, with an  interest in exploring the mechanism of participatory local democracy.

First round of interviews with cities

Eutropian is coordinator of WP4, together with CRN (Comparative Research Network). 

The aim of WP4 is to create a bridge between research and action, to test and experience how the existing tools and methods of deliberative and participatory democracy identified in different European cities can be transferred in an innovative and comprehensive way into specific urban areas.

We conducted a first round of interviews with local actors and stakeholders in the pilot cities of Voru, Gdansk, Reggio Emilia and Budapest. The aim of the exchange was to determine the objectives, ideas, expectations and potential contributions of our pilot cities.

EUARENAS will be conducting intensive research in the upcoming years, while promoting interaction with stakeholders and policy-makers to facilitate local democratic involvement.

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