EUARENAS (H2020, 2021-2024) investigates the ways in which social movements coupled with local government reform initiatives create momentum for political change that include more inclusive and participatory forms of governance. Besides exploring how different forms of citizen participation have started to transform governance cultures of several large European cities, taking active roles in local elections, and becoming part of local political structures, EUARENAS also studies different governance models and the role of technology – communication technologies, social media and co-learning platforms in particular – as a means to generate support for democratic governance processes as well as stimulate Communities of Practice.

In EURARENAS, Eutropian builds on its knowledge of public-civic participation and governance mechanisms in matters of urban development and co-designed services. Eutropian also has experience in designing knowledge exchange and learning programs, as well as facilitating public-civic cooperation processes. Based on this expertise, Eutropian will be involved in all WPs, with more substantial work on Case Study research (WP3), supporting Pilot Projects (WP4) and the Knowledge exchange design (WP6).

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