EU Week of Regions and Cities

The EU Week of Regions and Cities is one of the most important yearly meetings of EU programmes and initiatives focusing on cities and urban transformation. Eutropian’s Daniela Patti and Levente Polyák were present in this year’s edition from 9-12 October 2023 with a series of workshops on sustainable tourism and urban knowledge resources towards a green transition.

Nourishing Europe's Values with Sustainable Tourism

Daniela moderated the session “Nourishing Europe’s Values with Sustainable Tourism” to explore innovative actions to develop sustainable tourism initiatives in cities and the role the EU Urban Agenda Sustainable Tourism Partnership can play in supporting these initiatives at the European level.

With the participation of the Genova Municipality (co-leader of the Sustainable Tourism Partnership), as well as DG GROW and the projects Be.CULTOUR and CLIC, the session showcased new methods and mechanisms to assure that tourism generates sustainable benefits for locals. 

City representatives from all over Europe discussed how tourism could be an opportunity to promote inclusion and distribution of resources.

This workshop built on  Eutropian’s research and knowledge on socially sustainable and inclusive practices of tourism across Europe, with a number of articles in our magazine Cooperative City:

All the knowledge cities need for green transition

Levente facilitated the workshop “All the knowledge cities need for green transition ”, presenting the European Urban Initiative’s Portico platform, conceived to assemble knowledge about urban programmes and matters in the EU. The interactive workshop involving EUI, URBACTEurocities, DG REGIO and DG RTD, brought together experiences in knowledge production across various programmes of the EU, and collected input and feedback for a more integrated and inclusive knowledge platform for the EU.

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