We’ve been busy, capturing the inspiring story of the old market hall ( Stará tržnica ) in Bratislava as part of a longer documentary film on how communities find new and unique uses for their heritage sites and buildings.
Filmmaker Yilmaz Vurucu spent 4 days on-site, together with a crew consisting of Eutropian’s Lukacs Hayes, Robert Körner, and fellow filmmaker Mario Kainer.

Interviewing local vendors as well as businesses, spending time at the street food court and speaking with members of the Alliance managing the old market hall, the team gathered a plethora of stories and in-depth insights on the community, the history of the building and how the rejuvenation of the Market Hall has impacted a whole community.

Co-produced by Eutropian, the idea for the documentary was inspired by our work in and with the OpenHeritage.eu project. The longer format will delve deeper into the stories of three select unique cases, explore relevant themes and most importantly, tell the stories of the buildings, initiatives and communities involved.  Stay tuned for the release, planned for Autumn 2022.

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