Facilitating Urban Commons is an event that took place on Thursday November 4th at the Social Design department  of the Vienna University of Applied Arts.

Organized by  Eutropian, Generative Commons Living Lab and the Social Design department at the University of Applied Arts (Vienna) with support from Wonderland platform for European Architecture, Facilitating Urban Commons featured presentations by gE.CO toolkit developers, and a lively exchange with local initiatives out of Vienna.

Local Viennese Commons initiatives join in on the exchange

The event not only served as a platform to introduce the new toolkits to the public for the first time, but also played host to some extremely unique local initiatives.

The Schwimmverein Donaukanal, an organization aiming to promote the Danube Canal as a swimming hotspot in the innercity;  1 M2 MARKET, a tool promoting a sharing economy in Vienna’s markets as well as exchange; Stadt Aufmöbeln, A platform for exploring undiscovered possibilities of urban furniture; and a presentation of Veronika Hackl were among local commons participants.

The program included a presentation of the Legal framework in relation to the commons by Antonio Vercellone, a presentation of the Temporary Use Toolkit by Patrizia di Monte, a journey into the new and exciting Participation Toolkit developed by Open Lab Athens, and an overview of the Governance Toolkit.

View event in full!

Facilitating Urban Commons was also broadcast live over Facebook, to an online audience. You can access the recording in full, at the following link:

View full broadcast of Facilitating Urban Commons.

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