A new knowledge transfer project, CO4CITIES (2021-2022), held its kick-off meeting last week. Funded by URBACT III as part of the UIA Transfer Mechanism, CO4CITIES builds on expertise and lessons learned during a recently concluded Urban Innovative Action project, CO-CITY. CO-CITY looked at innovative ways to regenerate deprived neighbourhoods located in different areas of Turin (Italy) with the help of new community hubs. Through the transformation of abandoned structures and vacant land, the project aimed to foster and enhance the community spirit as well as the creation of social enterprises to help reduce urban poverty within the city. The project also relied on, as well as supported the further development of network of the Houses of the Neighbourhoods (Case del Quartiere), which serve as cultural community hubs in otherwise underserved neighbourhoods. CO-CITY also lead to the establishment of the 8th neighbourhood house in Turin.

With Turin as Lead Partner in the project, CO4CITIES will facilitate the knowledge transfer of Turin’s Commons regulation, the city’s collaboration pacts and its Neighbourhood House model to three municipalities in the Eastern and Central European region: Budapest, Gdansk and Cluj-Napoca. Eutropian’s Levente Polyák, as the project’s Lead Expert, will work together with these cities to help them come up with initiatives co-designed by municipalities and local communities, counteracting social-spatial polarisation through spatial regeneration, creating public-community partnerships, mutual trust and cooperation at the neighbourhood-level.  

For more info about the project, please visit the URBACT website.

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