Bahanur Nasya was among the speakers at the Placemaking for Better Neighbourhoods webinar, presenting recent successful placemaking projects and ideas for better neighborhoods worldwide. The projects consisted of ideas that could be implemented at any local level. Speakers from the U.S. and Europe shared their experience and practical advice on involving the local communities in developing public areas and creating a long-lasting impact on the revived neighborhoods.

Ultimately, the webinar will inspire and empower local activists in Bulgaria and Europe, and the world, to employ the presented placemaking ideas in their neighborhoods and further work to improve.

View the webinar in full at the following Facebook link!

Q&A: How can the PlaceCity tools be used to improve our neighborhoods?

Bahanur Nasya: The project helped to activate the district center of Floridsdorf and the school premises in a highschool in Gronland. We created stories, conferences, webinars, toolbox and business models for all placemakers, which are available on the Placemaking Europe website. We also invite all placemakers to connect with us and to exchange so we can benefit each other on our neighbourhood activities and interventions. We realised that placemaking is still relatively knew and the created social value needs to be communicated collectively.

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