The URBACT and Urban Innovative Actions programmes, through a concerted effort, have created a new platform that aims to reflect the paradigm shift with regards to questions around the right to housing in contemporary cities of Europe. It focuses on challenging the current state of (un)affordable urban housing across the continent. The website serves as a new tool for city planners/developers, public and private stakeholders, members of the civil society and citizens to inform themselves on the latest policy-developments, good practices and ways to move forward on the path towards affordable and universal housing in European urban settings. 

Eutropian’s Levente Polyák has been involved with the initiative, mostly contributing to conferences and to the UIA Urban Voices podcast, which interviews leading experts on the right to affordable housing and fair financing. The podcast’s first two episodes are now available via the new Right2Housing website, as well as on AnchorSpotify and other platforms. 

Link to the new platform:

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