First audio documentary about the UIA project DARE in Ravenna 

DARE is a non-conventional urban regeneration project that instead of focusing uniquely on the physical environment, invests in the skills of its inhabitants and the digital knowledge infrastructure of the area. In the course of the project’s three years, the Ravenna Municipality is cooperating with the Darsena’s residents, businesses, initiatives and institutions to create an inclusive, accessible digital framework for the area. This framework will help the Darsena’s population, users and visitors to better understand their area, develop new skills, improve their quality of life and become protagonists of their neighbourhood.

DARE’s digital platform is conceived as a database to combine data coming from various sources, ranging from sensors and statistical data to historical data, visual materials and even stories, to support this process.

For this first episode of the DARE podcast, UIA expert Levente Polyák visited the Darsena and met some of the project’s protagonists to explore how knowledge about theDarsena is collected and distributed through the platform Darsena Ravenna Approdo Comune.

You can listen to this episode at the UIA website, on Cooperative City, or directly on Spotify, Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts or Anchor

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