Cooperative Urban Futures is a new webinar series initiated through a Eutropian and EUKN partnership. 

The series explores radical new ideas emerging in European urban planning, policy and development; ideas that lead to the the promotion of more green space in urban centers and fosters the creation of sustainable urban cities.

Eutropian and EUKN are collaborating in producing and hosting this unique series, broadcast Spring – Autumn 2021 on the Eutropian facebook site.

First episode airs:

Circular economy: partnerships for local ecosystems

The first Cooperative Urban Futures aimed at discussing the modalities of cooperation at city level for various stakeholders in building a local ecosystem for circular economy on different flows.

The episode delved into detail on how to promote and create sustainable local ecosystems, and hosted the following experts and guests:

  • Igor Kos, Wcycle institute, Maribor 
  • Rossana Torre, City of Milan 
  • Johannes Kisser, Alchemia-nova, Austria 
  • Cátia Godinho, Circular Economy Portugal 
  • Cosima Malandrino, LGI Sustainable Innovation, Paris 
  • Janneke Van Veen, European Commission, Bruxelles

View first episode:

View the first episode here!

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