Funding the Cooperative City – Book Launch Tour 2017

In the following months, we will bring our new book Funding the Cooperative City: Community finance and the economy of civic spaces to a variety of events across Europe. We will participate at the following events:

September 22-23, Berlin: Learning from Context. Building social competence from local knowledge
September 23-26, Rome: New Generations Festival
October 5, Tallinn: URBACT Festival
October 6, Frankfurt (Oder) and Slubice: MitOst Festival
October 6-8, Berlin: Experimentdays
October 11, Budapest: OFF-Biennale Budapest
October 13, Amsterdam: Placemaking week
October 19, Maribor: h19.00 at Tkalka in cooperation with iPOP
October 20, Panevėžys: XI Lithuanian Urban Forum
October 22-24, Paris: CityLab
October 25-29, Madrid: h.10-14.30 at La Ingobernable in cooperation with Transeuropa Festival
October 30-31, Bucharest: ReKreators
November 10, Ghent: ReFilll
November 11, Rome: Giornate del Territorio with Ecomuseo Casilino (h.18.30)
November 16, Bilbao: Design Week Bilbao 2017
November 22-24, Rijeka: Participatory Governance of Culture
November 28, Belgrade: Ministry of Space
December 4-5, Bratislava: Transit

Would you like to co-host a debate related to the book? Write us to!

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