The Funding the Cooperative City – Madrid workshop explored new economic models for community-led urban development in European cities.

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April 21-23, 2016
Medialab Prado
Plaza de las Letras. C/ Alameda, 15 · 28014 Madrid (Spain)
The event is free of charge.

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The Funding the Cooperative City – Madrid workshop brings together protagonists to help shaping a new European culture of urban development based on community investment, cooperative ownership and civic economic models.

The self-organization of new spaces of work, culture and social welfare has been made possible by various socio-economic circumstances: unemployment, solidarity networks, changing real estate prices and ownership patters created opportunities for stepping out of the regular dynamisms of real estate development. In some cases, cooperative ownership structures exclude the possibility of real estate speculation, in others, new welfare services are integrated in local economic tissues, relying on unused resources and capacities. The new cooperative development processes also witnessed the emergence of new types of investors, operating along principles of ethics or sustainability.

Participants had been selected by a european open call among more than 80 citizen projects. For the Madrid worshop the selected projects are: Wikitoki, Bilbao (ES), De Besturing, The Hague (NL), La fabrika detodalavida, Los Santos de Mainona (ES), Gängeviertel, Hamburg (DE), Instituto Do It Yourself IDYS, Madrid (ES). Participants will visit at the madrid workshop to know more about their economical, funding and ownership models. Goteo, MICROFINANCIACIÓN, La traviesa coop57 /fiare/dinamia, FINANCIACION, Ecooo, espacio savia solar , Central Térmica Cooperativa Orcasitas, ENERGÍA, Asociación Economía Bioregional, RECICLAJE Y MONEDA SOCIAL Madrid agroecológico, SOBERANÍA ALIMENTARIA, Colaboratorio, COOP DE COOPERATIVAS, Entrepatios coop.  VIVIENDA, KOIKI-Hub Madrid, MOVILIDAD.

Calendario Preliminar / Preliminary Schedule

Miércoles 20 de Abril / Wednesday, April 20
18:00-21:00hs   Recepción visitantes / Reception
Lugar / Location: Vivero de Iniciativas Ciudadanas VIC Headquarters

Jueves 21 de Abril / Thursday, April 21
9:30-10:00        Desayuno informal / Informal breakfast
10:00-11:30       Visitas Estudio de Caso 01 / Site visit
12:00-13:30       Visitas Estudio de Caso 02 / Site visit
14:00-15:30       Comida / Lunch  (Mercado de San Fernando)
16:00-18:30       Workshop (Medialab Prado)
19:00 Evento público / Public event (Medialab Prado)

Viernes 22 de Abril / Friday, April 22
9:30-10:00        Desayuno informal / Informal breakfast
10:00-11:30       Visitas Estudio de Caso 03 / Site visit
12:00-13:30       Visitas Estudio de Caso 04 / Site visit
14:00-15:30       Comida / Lunch (Mercado de Antón Martín)
16:00-19:30       Workshop (Medialab Prado)

Sábado  23 de Abril / Saturday, April 23
9:30-10:00        Desayuno informal / Informal breakfast
10:00-14:30      Espacios Urbanos y Ciudadanos / Urban and Citizen Spaces
14:30-16:00      Comida / Lunch (Mercado de Frutas y Verduras de legazpi)
19:00-                Despedida y cierre / Farewell and closing

Domingo  24 de Abril / Sunday, April 24

Despedida de los participantes europeos / Departure of international participants

Funding the Cooperative City – Madrid is part of a series of workshops in Budapest, Rome and Rotterdam, supported by

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