Living and working in times of physical distancing and – sometimes forced – digitalisation cannot always be about video meetings via Zoom, Skype or other similar platforms. Or at least, we should not limit ourselves to these kinds of interactions.

The Eutropian team is constantly involved in video conferences to carry on new and ongoing projects but now, facing ongoing lock-down, we had to devise new and unique ways of promoting interaction and collaboration. Our goal was to make digital interaction more engaging and fun. Inspired by the success of gamification in the field of urban planning we started exploring existing games and digital platforms to give a twist to our work.

A twist in participatory planning processes

Our first initial application of this unique approach was during the final workshop of the The Commons in Practice workshop, which attempted to offer a new way of approaching the topic of Urban Commons in Durrës Municipality (Albania).

Eutropian’s Jorge Mosquera and Giovanni Pagano developed a customized virtual board game in which local stakeholders, as well as participants from Eutropian took part.

The objective of the game was inspired by the existing commons options in Durrës: to transform a fictitious empty factory building into a community space through the participation of local groups, citizens and stakeholders.

Read more about the use of gamification as a method and tool for digital participation in this unique Cooperative City article.

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