Eutropian is proud partner of the Open Heritage project, which identifies and tests the best practices of adaptive heritage re-use in Europe.

We lead the research on case studies and produced documentary films on select sites.

Policy brief #2: Challenges and benefits of strong partnerships.

The process of sustainable heritage reuse usually involves a multitude of stakeholders. Each of them have different backgrounds and diverse views. While such diversity presents a challenge, it also offers the opportunity to forge strong and valuable partnerships.

The second policy brief (by Dóra Mérai (CEU), Jasmin Miah (ICLEI Europe), Hanna Szemző (MRI) & Eutropians Bahanur Nasya) takes a detailed look at what defines sustainable partnerships, what risks and challenges are involved and what different types of partnerships there are. The brief concludes with recommendations on how to form valuable partnerships.

Read more about what adaptive heritage reuse is, what hurdles there are in the planning and policy context and what is recommended to tackle them. The current policy brief can be found on the OpenHeritage website.

For questions about the project contact Levente Polyak.

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