Interactive Cities meeting in Alba Iulia!

Eutropian co-organised in Alba Iulia the Interactive Cities partnership meeting to develop strategies on how to address cities’ audiences through social media so to improve urban governance.

Interactive Cities is a cutting-edge project aimed at exploring how digital, social media and user generated content can improve today´s urban management in European cities, whatever size.

This challenge will be tackled in two ways.

Firstly, as an opportunity to redefine and deepen the concept of citizenship and civic engagement today, providing a path to spark cohesion, commonalities and shared value as well as increasing sense of place. In other words, making the most of the new channels to revisit the relationship between the individual and the local community in the digital era.

Secondly, as a way to improve the quality of public services, in terms of efficiency and transparency, and even widen the current service chart provided by  local authorities.

Interactive Cities will focus not only on the technological side but also on how this kind of innovation can be concretely useful for local authorities and urban residents, promoting better urban governance, citizen participation and economic growth.

The international cross-learning on this issue will be organized into three main sub-themes:

  1. Communicating the city as an attractive tourist destination strengthening its image both locally and internationally
  2. Communication of business promotion strengthening the city’s conditions through the support of local companies, both existing potentially new ones
  3. Communicating urban development by making understandable to a wide audience often very complex technical matters, balancing the involvement of inhabitants in the decision making process and explaining why plans have been approved by the administration.

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