Mauro Gil Fournier

MauroGilFournierHe is a co-founder of vivero de iniciativas ciudadanas in Madrid together with Miguel Jaenicke Fontao And Esau Acosta, they are all licensed architects at the School of Architecture in Madrid and have been working together since 2002. The activity is centered on the investigation and development of matters related to the dynamic processes of architecture and the landscape. The inclusion of a multilateral collaboration between different disciplines provides extra value for buildings; public spaces and urban identity; improving local commerce; more sustainable mobility and global efficiency, looking for a better ways to understand these fields.


Mauro Baioni

MauroBaioniDegree in urban planning (Pianificazione territoriale e urbanistica) at the IUAV – Faculty of planning of Venice and PhD in Urban policies, at the University of Roma Tre. From 2013 to 2015, staff member of the councillor of urban regeneration of Roma Capitale. Consultant and member of city planning offices in small towns in Italy. Planner of regional and urban development plans. Partner of Edoardo Salzano in Eddyburg, one of the most well-known Italian websites concerning urban planning, society and political issues. Since 2005, director of the Summer school of Eddyburg. Editor and author of books and essays in urban planning.


Deborah Navarra

Screen Shot 2016-03-02 at 16.52.44 She is the founder of urbanita –  – an interdisciplinary studio operating on the built and social environment born in London and active on national and international context. Architect by training, she is an urban and social design strategist – BSc, MArch, (Sapienza University of Rome); MSc (DPU, The Bartlett, University Collage London) – specialized in urban development with a particular interest on the city of Rome and Mediterranean cities. After national and international experiences in Rome, Barcelona, Dublin and New York in architecture and interior design, she started to work on urban development in cities as Seoul, Bronx (NY), Beirut, Phnom Pen, London and Palermo promoting participatory/collaborative processes into urban design.

Sharon Ambrosio

Screen Shot 2016-03-02 at 16.52.33She is founder of urbanita an itinerary interdisciplinary studio of urban thinkers focused on urban regeneration and social innovation within a special attention to the Mediterranean context. She is an architect, urban designer and social strategist – Bsc (Milan Politecnico), Msc (DPU, Bartlett, UCL) – specialized in urban development with a particular interest towards the global south and contested areas having experienced regeneration projects in New York, Cambodia, Italy. She is exploring the role of urban borders and frontiers in critical and controversial urban realities, carrying out her research “The Border: multiform manifestation and multidimensional work. Understanding the porteadoras through the spatialities of Ceuta and Melilla”.

Tiago Mota Saraiva

TiagoMotaSaraivaDegree in Architecture at the Architecture Faculty of Lisbon’s Technical University in 2000. Effective Member of the Architects Board since 2001, having been part of its National Executive Board (2003-07) where he held, on the last three years, the National Treasurer post. Tiago Mota Saraiva began working in the architecture and urbanism area in 1995, having collaborated in Lisbon with; Paula Cabral, Segismundo Castello Branco and Fernando Ho Architects, a.s* (atelier de santos studio) Ltd., Atelier do Chiado Architects Ltd. and Giulia de Appolonia Architect. He worked in Rome at Massimiliano Fuksas Studio and was an extern consultant at Studio Altieri SRL in Vicenza, Italy. Member of the Organizing Committee of the National Architecture Year 2003 (ANA ’03). Curator of the Tektónica 2003, 2004 and 2005 Awards, organized by AIP-FIL and OA. Curator of the International Celebration of Cities Competition, organized by the UIA. Curator of SECIL Universities 2003, 2004 and 2005 Awards, architecture and co-curatorship of the Secil Prize 2004.  Organisation of the Mobility Award 2005 (partnership with Santa Casa da Misericordia de Lisboa and the Architects Board). Currently, he is managing partner at ateliermob – arquitectura, design e urbanismo lda., where he practiced since its creation, he writes a weekly opinion column in Jornal i and he is part of the board of a cultural/social co-op Largo Residências.

Réka Matheidesz

Reka MatheideszAfter having graduated in international economics, international relations, socio-economic development and local development at the University of Economics in Budapest I received my MA at the College of Europe, Natolin specializing in European studies, economics, strategic desicion making, project assessment, monitoring and evaluation. I gained professional experience by working closely with central and local government bodies on both urban development and capacity building projects. My involvement included the supply of capacity building operations and consulting activities including strategic planning, project development and the compilation of proposals for EU funds. Ongoing development activities have been provided to municipalities to promote partnership opportunities including the delivery of know how-transfer, capacity building and urban development actions and the preparation of supporting calls documents and guidance material as well as regular progress reporting. Taking active part in the strategic urban development board meetings. Founding member of an urban development action WAMP to foster urban markets by establishing a creative market platform for urban creatives. Establishment and management of a creative cluster My publications: British Council case study: “Future City Jobs” Creating jobs in urban areas in the creative sector, 2011. Studio Metropolitana: 2010 Study on potential growth of creative start-ups in Budapest: project generation expert, 2010.

Ramon Marrades
Screen Shot 2016-03-02 at 00.09.23I am a PhD researcher at Econcult (Culture Economics Research Unit, University of Valencia) and a visiting researcher at FLACSO (Ecuador), I hold a master’s degree in Economics and Geography at Utrecht University. My work and research are focused on the interaction between economics, urban planning and culture. I received an honorable mention in the International Young Planning Professionals Award (2012) and the Spanish Social Entrepreneur Award (2013). I am a founding member of the urbanism think-do tank ‘La Ciudad Construida’ and a board member of URBEGO, the platform for young planning professionals of the International Federation of Housing and Planning



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