How can Budapest learn from Barcelona’s public space and mobility reforms?

Eutropian's Levente Polyak took part in in two-day exchange aiming to create an exchange between the city of Barcelona and Budapest.

Together with the KÉK-Hungarian Contemporary Architecture Centre, and with the support of the Cervantes Institute and EUARENAS, we invited Barcelona Chief Architect Xavier Matilla and Deputy Chief Architect Sílvia Casorrán Martos for a two-day exchange with their Budapest peers. Throughout a series of workshops and a public lecture, Xavier Matilla and Sílvia Casorrán Martos focused on public space and mobility innovation, and the role of public-civic cooperation and citizen participation in the transformations of the city. The events helped Budapest audiences explore new Barcelona initiatives including the Superblocks, the city’s ambitious tactical urbanism program to protect school environments, the new greening projects and further measures to improve the living and climate conditions in Barcelona.

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