Documenting good practices for Integrated Territorial Development

In the first months of the research, Eutropian together with Aeidl, have completed a comprehensive systematic review of UIA funded projects and identified 12 good practices on topics such as, climate adaptation, urban poverty, sustainable land use and nature-based solutions, urban mobility, jobs and skills in the local economy, digital transition, energy transition, air quality, housing, integration of migrants and refugees, circular economy and culture and cultural heritage. These, will then further analysed through virtual hearings in the coming month with the project coordinators and local stakeholders.  

Moving forward into the hearings phase

In the coming month, the team of consultants will conduct with each project shortlisted as a good practice a one-day virtual hearing with the project coordinators and local stakeholders. Hearings will focus on how UIA cities have put into practices four key working principles of Integrated Territorial Development, as highlighted by The New Leipzig Charter: Place-based approach, integrated approach (multi-sectoral); participation and co-creation; and multi-level governance. 

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