New journal about the UIA Athens project: Curing the Limbo

Curing the Limbo is an Urban Innovative Actions-funded project to develop a trajectory for refugees to find their new home through education, employment and access to housing. The project brings together the aspects of education, employment, housing and community involvement, by developing synergies between these – otherwise often disconnected – fields. Curing the Limbo offers the programme’s beneficiaries a pathway to go through different stages of integration: by learning the language, acquiring skills to get a job, developing a know-how of finding and inhabiting an apartment, and getting involved in community initiatives in the neighbourhood they live in. In effect, the project helps refugees to familiarise themselves with the most important elements of Athenian society a livelihood. In this fifth journal, UIA expert Levente Polyák accompanies the project to explore the ways in which the Curing the Limbo consortium and its broader community adapted to the Covid-19 pandemic and the related lockdowns. You can read the journal at the UIA website.

5_Video series about refugee trajectories. Image (c) CRS
6_Co-Athens online meeting. Image (c) Curing the Limbo

For more detailed information on  Curing the Limbo, visit the project website.

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