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The Generative Commons Living Lab was an H2020 funded project that conducted research and provided commons initiatives with customized tools and resources.

As project partners, we  contributed towards the creation of a unique sets of tools and resources by the project.

Diversity and scope

The tools developed by the Generative Commons Living Lab project, serve as a unique resource for commons initiatives.

Covering topics such as governance, participation and temporary use, these research based tools provide initiatives with the resources necessary to launch and maintain longevity. They cater to unique needs and offer initiatives with resources helping them initiate, manage and successfully organize their efforts.

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All good things come to an end

Unfortunately, the Generative Commons Living Lab project has come to an end.

We at Eutropian benefited greatly from adding to our expertise and knowledge on the commons, and hope to continue researching this topic, publishing articles on it through Cooperative City Magazine and creating new films and documentaries, which you will be able to access in our Viewing room.

We also have exciting new  projects on the commons in the works, so make sure to follow our progress!

But for the meantime, you can find a full list of the tools developed, below!

The Legal toolkit

The law is traditionally considered as one of the crucial issues when it comes to urban commons.

The management of the commons is in fact, in the end, an institutional issue, since it requires to submit to a model of governance one or more goods and to organize, around this latter, the management of a community and its relationship with public actors and other public and private stakeholders.

Developed by Antonio Vercellone and Alessandra Quarta from the University of Torino, The Legal Toolkit helps communities & public administrations with the implementation & engagement of urban commons.

Access the toolkit in full, here!

The Governance Toolkit

How to support a collective or commons-oriented initiative in designing the most adequate form of governance? The answer is not always obvious. The purpose of this toolkit is designing the processes that could lead collectives to investigate their conditions, assess their capacities, envision their future, and learn about the most appropriate choices in terms of legal and governance structures. The GovernanceToolkit was developed by Verena Lenna and our partner Community Land Trust Brussels.

Access the Governance Toolkit in full,here!

Governance toolkit
Participation toolkit

The Participation Toolkit

The Participation Toolkit tries to cover the needs of collectives to increase their visibility and participation by creating bridges between digital infrastructure and the physical world.

The tools in this toolkit can also be used by people who work in public initiatives and are public servants and policy makers who want to foster participation and help with community building within their area of responsibility. The Participation Toolkit was developed by our project partners, Open Lab Athens.

Access the participation Toolkit in full,here!

The Temporary Use Toolkit

The Temporary Use Toolkit provides methodology and phases for the reactivation of empty buildings through temporary uses. This unique Toolkit was developed by Patrizia Di Monte and our partner, estonoesunsolar.

Access the Temporary Use Toolkit in full, here!

Tool Kit

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