We are committed to follow a non-profit logic and pursue public interest. Although Eutropian GmbH is registered as a limited liability company, it commits to act as a public interest non-profit organisation in its operations. This engagement is manifested by both the organisation’s thematic work and economic activities. 

Eutropian pursues public interest by

  • engaging in advocacy, research, policy design and local actions to support inclusive urban processes
  • Advising municipalities across Europe to create stronger cooperation with 
  • Helping public administrations across Europe learn from each other in the form of knowledge exchange processes 
  • Building civic cooperation networks to help civil society organisations become stronger, more competent and more resilient stakeholders in spatial transformation 
  • Supporting EU institutions and programmes in designing and implementing policies for inclusive and sustainable spatial transformation
  • Undertaking voluntary activities for organisations with scarce resources but important undertakings towards the public interest 
  • Bringing resources to marginalised and underserved areas to strengthen their local economies and drive ecological transition 

Eutropian follows a non-profit logic by

  • Reinvesting its revenues in salaries and other operational costs
  • Not paying dividends or bonuses to its founders / owners
  • Not engaging in speculative economic activities
  • Aiming at balanced salaries defined in proportion with the work undertaken 
  • Maintaining a horizontal organisational and decision-making structure
  • Offering professional development to all its employees and collaborators


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