The conference will focus on “how we can overcome division in our communities” and “how to transform the expertise into action”. The conference provides workshop opportunities and which will focus on actions for local change local level. International speakers will give insights in their work. And promissing practices from different parts of Europe will show their work and impact.

Weaving fabrics of solidarity: methods to strengthen public-civic cooperation

How can one build stronger local civil societies for more equal, inclusive and resilient cities? By using a playful format, this workshop will involve participants taking roles as elected representatives, municipal officers, civil society actors and citizens, exploring methods to create:

1) more cooperative local civic and social economy ecosystems;

2) co-managed community spaces; and

3) the necessary institutional support framework.

Levente Polyak & Bahanur Nasya (Eutropian)
Workshop Space 8 | English

Category: Joint local engagement for the common good, Connecting activities & community events

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