US4F journal entry by Daniela Patti

The City of Maribor is currently in the process of  piloting circular economy projects and one of them is the Urban Soil 4 Food project funded by the Urban Innovative Actions EU program. Eutropian’s Daniela Patti is a UIA expert adding to the project with her experience and expertise. Her journal entry deals with how cities should organise their food production and distribution systems

Eutropian's Daniela Patti, an expert on circular economy and UIA consultant.

Urban Soil 4 Food is a project with three main goals: to change the material flow, to ensure food sovereignty and to increase societal awareness. This requires cycling the material flow of waste to be reused within the cities and thus, reducing the amount of waste in landfills.

UIA Expert Daniela Patti explores Maribor’s experience with “what has happened to the urban gardens, mainly focusing on the possibilities of the future regulations to be put in place; on the trainings provided to entrepreneurs and stakeholders, as part of the Innovation Cycle; and on the Short Food distribution platform.”

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