Eutropian’s Levente Polyák organised two sessions at this year’s URBACT City Festival, held online on 15-17 June. Eutropian’s Daniela Patti and Jorge Mosquera also joined the session presenting the results of the ACTive NGOs URBACT Transfer Network. Representatives of cities participating at the network also joined the session to explore and present our recently published book The Power of Civic Ecosystems that collects good practices, methods and stories of civic ecosystem-building from across Europe.

Levente also led a panel discussion on “Volunteering in cities: Offloading responsibilities or building resilience?” This session brought together protagonists of various URBACT Transfer Networks to explore the ways in which volunteering initiatives responded to the Covid-19 crisis and to look into how municipalities can work closer with them to build stronger resilience in their communities in the face of future challenges.

For more information, please vistit the URBACT website.

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