Eutropian is involved in a series of projects and network that enrich our daily practice, we would like to hereby acknowledge the valuable cooperation  with our partners.



TUTUR (Temporary Use as a Tool for Urban Regeneration) URBACT project with the City of Rome, the City of Bremen,  and the City of Alba Iulia.

Interactive Cities URBACT project with Genova and Palermo (IT), Tartu (EE), Alba Iulia (RO), Debrecen (HU), Lisbon (PT), Murcia (ES), Varna (BL), Paris (FR) and Ghent (BE).



World Urban Campaign network of UN Habitat

Wonderland Platform for European Architecture, EU network for architects and planners based in Vienna, AT

ReKreators EU network of City Makers based in Amsterdam, NL

New Generations, EU network of Young Architects based in Milan, IT



Hungarian Centre for Contemporary Architeture – KEK, Bupapest, HU

Urbasofia, Bucharest, RO

Vivero de Initiativas Ciudadanas – VIC, Network of Citizens’ Initiatives in Madrid, ES

Orizzontale, Architecture Collective based in Rome, IT

TSPOON Architecture office in Rome, IT