PlaceCity final event: PlaceCity Future

The JPI funded project, PlaceCity had the overarching goal of establishing a multidisciplinary and transsectorial European Placemaking Network with the capacity to offer support and resources to local and national placemaking initiatives across Europe.

The consortium aimed to advance placemaking as a new approach to creating better cities together by gathering proven placemaking tools, testing them in real life case studies and make them readily available to every city in Europe. Research and implementation partners were the cities of Oslo and Vienna, developing a knowledge platform together with other consortium partners.

Consortium partners:

superwien urbanism OG, Magistratsabteilung 18 Stadtentwicklung und Stadtplanung, Universität für angewandte Kunst Wien – Social Design-Arts as Urban Innovation, Eutropian GmbH, Nabolagshager AS, stipo, – Municipality of Oslo: Agency for Urban Environment (Bymiljøetaten), BIDs Belgium, Placemaking Europe.

Would you like to know how the Oslo and Vienna cases evolved? How did placemaking support the development? How to connect with other placemakers and tools?

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14:00-15:00 youth inclusion, commented by Denise Cahill –  Cork Healthy Cities

we will hear from Oslo, how they did and what changed with the local stakeholder like the municipality, the school etc.

 Adam Curtis – Nabolagshager

 Hanan Zaaj – president of the student council

Natalie Keene – Bydel Gamle Oslo urban farmer

Marianne Bauger Morck – Head of Development at H20 (Hersleb) school


15:00-16:00 urban regeneration, commented by Pietro Elisei –  Urbasofia and president of ISOCARP


we will hear from Vienna, how they did and what changed with the local stakeholder like the municipality, the gebietsbetreuung, the artists (arts in public space, urbanize…) etc.


framework and background – Roland Krebs

Open Call for residents – Anna Aigner 

groundfloor shop: Labor – Schleifgasse  – Veronika Hackl

residents activities – Lisa Kongas

synergy – Urbanize and KÖR – Brigitte Felderer

Lessons learnt & “Collaboration City” – Julia Deistler 



16:00-17:00 international collaboration, commented by Jonas Blysund –  JPI Urban Europe


we will hear from international partners, how they did and what changed in the network, and how other organisations and projects can benefit from the created infrastructure


Anna Bradley – stipo 

Barbara Music – UIRS 

Daniela Patti – Eutropian 


PlaceCity Future is also a hybrid event.

For in-person participation please register at ““. The event will be hosted in the Social Design Studio. The address is:

Universität für angewandte Kunst Wien / University of Applied Arts Vienna
Social Design Studio
Vordere Zollamtsstraße 7, 4th floor
1030 Vienna

vordere zollamtsstraße 7 (c)angewandte

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