PUJ Journal #1 - Project activities

The City of Prato is experimenting urban forestation strategies through the Prato Urban Jungle (PUJ) project.

The project foresees four pilot areas where the forestation strategies have been discussed with local inhabitants through a series of Junglathon participatory workshops. Eutropian’s Daniela Patti supports the network and the development of the project as an expert.

First Journal Entry by Daniela Patti

Sustainable use of land and greening are on the policy agenda of many European cities, including the City of Prato, which is experimenting with urban forestation strategies and aims to restore forestation and patches of green habitats to Prato’s neighborhoods in a sustainable and socially inclusive way. UIA expert Daniela Patti focuses her first journal entry to accompany PUJ on presenting the main objectives of the project, the pilot sites, and the consortium. Given that the initial activities that have already been undertaken since the project was launched, the entry delves into what to expect and future steps in developing this unique and important project.

Have a look at her entry and read it in full here!

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